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Discover the newest brand from Heaven Hill Distilleries.

Larceny Bourbon

Larceny is the heir to the wheated Bourbons that make up the historic Old Fitzgerald franchise that Heaven Hill acquired in 1999. In fact, it is the somewhat controversial history of John E. Fitzgerald and his eponymous Bourbon brand that provides the story, and name, to Larceny Bourbon.

Larceny Bourbon continues the Old Fitzgerald tradition of using wheat in place of rye as the third or “small” grain in the whiskey’s grain recipe, or mashbill as it is commonly known. The use of winter wheat replaces the spicier, fruitier flavor notes that rye provides with a softer, rounder character that is the hallmark of Old Fitzgerald and other "wheated" Bourbons.

Larceny is a true small batch Bourbon produced from dumps of 100 or less barrels that have been selected from the 4th, 5th and 6th floors of Heaven Hill’s open rickhouses in Nelson County, Kentucky. Larceny is drawn from barrels that have aged from 6 to 12 years at this high storage, and is bottled at a full-bodied 92 proof, or 46% alcohol by volume.

All barrels of Larceny are produced under the skilled hands and watchful eyes of our Master Distillers.


2014 - Top 20 Best Spirit in the World
from Spirit Journal
2014 - Double Gold Medal
at San Francisco World Spirits Competition
2014 - Excellent, Highly Recommended
at Ultimate Spirits Challenge